Happiness comes from within- 10 Tips to stay truly happy

Who would not want to be happy? Constant brood and worry saps away all the positive energy that you have.  You cease to perform at work, at home and slowly turn into snappy morose person who finds excuses to complain and get annoyed about. Remember always that you deserve to be happy always, and that there can be none else in control of what you feel other than yourself. It all begins with that exact attitude.
10 direct and simple tips to make yourself happy-
  • Understand what it is that you love doing most and what you derive from it. It could be what you do, the company you keep, your hobby or possibly even the food you eat! Identify a routine around these activities to keep you going.
  • Lead a life for your own self, try to put yourself ahead of others to feel a sense of content and fulfillment. This rings in sense of happiness always. A sacrificial attitude can brighten up someone else but the same as a habit can put you down mentally eat your inside and make you unhappy. This does not translate to being selfish, of course.
  • Never compare your life with that of a peer. In most cases such competitive thoughts are highly unproductive and results in bitterness and jealousy. Negative emotions certainly dissolve simply joys of life. Do your best and stay happy with what you have.
  • Keep good hearted souls for company, stay around light hearted witty people with firm head on shoulders. One emotionally happy mind in the group can be infectious enough to positively affect the rest!
  • Kill self pity and loathing. If you are stuck in a mess, figure out a solution and drive determination to keep at resolutions. Nurture positive thinking such that you are able to derive strength from the mental state and quickly resolve your setbacks.
  • Allocate a time of the day for some kind of self introspection, organizing your thoughts, your priorities etc. These reflections help you work on focusing on tasks at hand and thereby keep you calm and less hassled.
  • Pursue a hobby , keep away some part of the day on a holiday to do what you like to do best. If you feel stressed indulge in some pampering to bring in a feeling of rejuvenation.
  • Try and laugh a lot. Find humor in daily life, small instances at work, with your kids. Laughter is a spontaneous emotion that almost immediately livens up your mind.
  • Have an active lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise. Most often health issues lead to an unhappy and worried mind.
What needs to be fundamentally understood about being happy is that you cannot derive it from outside. It is what you nurture slowly with your capability of handling your mind, identifying aspects that make you happy and most importantly the willingness to stay in the same frame of mind. Stay happy, make others happy around you. It just takes a little effort.


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