Tips to dating and relationships- It can be quite simple!

It is but one of the laws in nature to seek companionship, all of us do it at one point of time or the other in all our lives. We do need a certain someone to share all our joys and sorrows with. Now this “need” is really felt as one blossoms into adulthood, baby steps into teenage rings a few chords within the mind and body which was so far not felt and unknown. For the first time there is a special spark flying in the direction of the opposite sex; and you are increasingly drawn towards someone of your liking.
You now cannot wait to speak to that person and ask him or her out for a date. Exciting phase indeed!
Step out, read the following tips-
  1. Do not simply walk up to the person with all the obvious signs of having been floored and jump into asking him or her out. It’s a big turn off.
  2. Attempt to genuinely know the person and find out if the person shares common interests with you and if you can really get along beyond a few stray dates.
  3. And if you do feel like proceeding, do not make any fake attempts in desperation to impress or find common ground. Be yourself and feel the pulse of the person with you!
  4. If your date is ready to get out with you already, choose a place that is well lit comfortable and choose a time that is comfortable for the both of you. Men! Offer to pick your “date” up!
  5. Never look made up or dress over the top for a casual date out. A strict no-no to revealing clothes and jazzy make up; it so does not go down well with your “date”.
  6. Make pleasant conversations, do not tread onto controversial topics that may trigger arguments and causes the other to run! It is somewhat easy to get carried away in the heat of a discussion, be wary.
  7. When you do make a compliment, ensure that you mean it. Mere “Lip-service” can be sensed and can really put down something that started right on mark. You do not want to come this far and ruin it do you?
  8. Try bringing in an element of humor, if the other person is really shy. Crack some nice jokes, these warm up the other person. Nothing helps more than a hearty laugh!
  9. As you wrap up, do not fail to mention that you had a nice time, and if you do intend to follow it up with more outings, mention it in your own way.
  10. Once again attention men! Offer to drop off your ladies on your way back, small gestures come a long way.

If a date does not go your way, do not fret yet. Stick your rules of playing a fair game. Dating can be fun!

Moving to another city? Tips to shift your house with ease

Today lives have changed, careers are meant to be flexible and there is a lot of dynamism in employment. Families move bases willfully or due to transfers on the job. While the prospect of for moving into a new location can be exciting, it can be equally daunting as well.
The issue of finding the right house and more importantly the task of having to set up the house looms largely over your head, the closer you get the more nervous you seem. Till the house is completely settled down and life is back to routine, the burden of the move begins to weigh on you heavily.
Your home is your safe haven, it becomes imperative to set it up at the earliest for yourself and your family.
Settling your house in the new location needs to begin with diligence and in all earnestness at the stage where you begin the wrap up of your old set up. Follow these tips when you shift your house-
  • There certainly will be a month or two of notice about your move- begin work on clearing your stuff right then. Jot down stuff you need and those you don’t and begin disposing them one by one.
  • Plan on your provisions, buying articles for the house, clothes for your family. Remember that each one of the new buys contribute to the overall shifting process.
  • Sell away old furniture, do not attach unnecessary sentiments. This move will bring you a lot of relief when you set up the new house. You can always buy anything you direly need at a later point in time.
  • As much as you can begin packing away things you need but will not use in the near future. This could include old gifts, kitchen appliances, curios around the house etc. Do not wait for the packers and movers for everything.
  • Try and make a visit to the new location, freeze on the house as soon as possible and mentally assess if all of your stuff will fit in accordingly. This works on your mental makeup, as well.
  • Understand the location, enquire about immediate requirements such as grocery stores, if possible get friendly with a neighbor or two there. This will help you once you move your base.
  • Planning ahead will save you a lot of time and money, enquire about packers and movers and strike a good deal with one. There will as it is be a lot of trouble during the relocation, the last thing should be an argument with those helping you transport your goods.
  • Keep away essentials including a few food items for the next couple of days till you actually move in settle and begin running the household.

Moving location and houses involve a lot of time and energy. It is an uphill task physically; you really cannot avoid the strain of that. What you can actually do is set up a smart plan and process in place and make your transition easy.

Happiness comes from within- 10 Tips to stay truly happy

Who would not want to be happy? Constant brood and worry saps away all the positive energy that you have.  You cease to perform at work, at home and slowly turn into snappy morose person who finds excuses to complain and get annoyed about. Remember always that you deserve to be happy always, and that there can be none else in control of what you feel other than yourself. It all begins with that exact attitude.
10 direct and simple tips to make yourself happy-
  • Understand what it is that you love doing most and what you derive from it. It could be what you do, the company you keep, your hobby or possibly even the food you eat! Identify a routine around these activities to keep you going.
  • Lead a life for your own self, try to put yourself ahead of others to feel a sense of content and fulfillment. This rings in sense of happiness always. A sacrificial attitude can brighten up someone else but the same as a habit can put you down mentally eat your inside and make you unhappy. This does not translate to being selfish, of course.
  • Never compare your life with that of a peer. In most cases such competitive thoughts are highly unproductive and results in bitterness and jealousy. Negative emotions certainly dissolve simply joys of life. Do your best and stay happy with what you have.
  • Keep good hearted souls for company, stay around light hearted witty people with firm head on shoulders. One emotionally happy mind in the group can be infectious enough to positively affect the rest!
  • Kill self pity and loathing. If you are stuck in a mess, figure out a solution and drive determination to keep at resolutions. Nurture positive thinking such that you are able to derive strength from the mental state and quickly resolve your setbacks.
  • Allocate a time of the day for some kind of self introspection, organizing your thoughts, your priorities etc. These reflections help you work on focusing on tasks at hand and thereby keep you calm and less hassled.
  • Pursue a hobby , keep away some part of the day on a holiday to do what you like to do best. If you feel stressed indulge in some pampering to bring in a feeling of rejuvenation.
  • Try and laugh a lot. Find humor in daily life, small instances at work, with your kids. Laughter is a spontaneous emotion that almost immediately livens up your mind.
  • Have an active lifestyle with a healthy diet and exercise. Most often health issues lead to an unhappy and worried mind.
What needs to be fundamentally understood about being happy is that you cannot derive it from outside. It is what you nurture slowly with your capability of handling your mind, identifying aspects that make you happy and most importantly the willingness to stay in the same frame of mind. Stay happy, make others happy around you. It just takes a little effort.

Tips to build stronger bones- Healthy bones for a lifetime

While most of us focus on an overall healthy body, maintain body weight and ensure that basic health in terms of blood pressure, heart health etc are in place; what most of us fail to pay attention to is bone health. We shall discuss this aspect more in terms of women who are more prone to bone related ailments than men are.

Watch out ladies! Begin your focus on strong and healthy bones to avoid osteoporosis later. Here are some quick tips for keeping your bones strong and healthy.

1) Include a lot of Vitamin D and Calcium in your diet: The most important component in milk which is lactose is important for bone health. For those who are allergic to lactose, Vitamin D and calcium are found obtained from soy milk which is usually fortified with these vital nutrients.

2) Watch your plate of breakfast every day -Fortified cereals, steamed broccoli and juices also are a good source of calcium which can be included in your daily diet.

3) Consume your daily dose of nuts and seeds as they are a good source of minerals and good fat content for your body. Note the following; an ounce of almonds contains almost 75mg of calcium while the same of sesame seeds contains 37mg of calcium.

4)  Eating a variety of beta-carotene rich vegetables helps meet bone health while supplying your body with Vitamin A. Those vegetables which are rich in Beta-carotene include carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe.

5) Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli once again are rich in Vitamin K which also plays a role in healthy bones.

6) For older women, ensure that you consume calcium and vitamin D supplements in consultation with your doctor. Vitamin D is an essential component that helps consumption of calcium by the bones. Along with these supplements ensure that you consume a lot of fluids and fiber rich food ass well.

7) Over and above the diet that is being followed, it is also important to exercise. Follow an exercise regimen that involves weight training that helps burn fat as well as strengthen bones. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking jogging and aerobics also help in strengthen bones.

Bone health is vital at every age and certainly there are no short cuts to this. Make a balanced and a calcium rich diet your habit. Exercise with all the rigor and enthusiasm for prevention of bone related ailments which have started to set in early.

Exercise for good health, begin today.

Tips to discipline your children- 3 to 7 years can be tricky

Children can be a handful; they can be as bothersome as they can be delightful. They try your patience, constantly push you over the line and leave you frustrated and defeated. You want to desperately tell yourself it’s a phase and it is going to be over sooner or later. Are you geared up to last this one in the meanwhile?
  • Some tips to discipline your children-especially those in the age group of 3-7!
  • Remember never to encourage arguments with your children especially who fall into the older age group of the mentioned age group. Arguing with your child does not lead into anything productive.
  • Be consistent stick to the same rules every time, do not have a rule book depending on your mood on a particular day. Children notice remember and use the same as an excuse.
  • Remember to reward positive behavior; it can goad the child to increase instances of good behavior. Do not overdo the rewarding part.
  •  Avoid any kind of emotional outbursts in front of your children, learn to be firm and not raise hell about it. Young minds form impressions often the ones that stay on for life.
  • Your children should learn to respect elders and follow instructions on demand. This has to be your fundamental rule in the household.
  • from excessive pampering or excessive disciplining, parenting can be exasperating but still evened out. Work at it constantly.
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  • Never compare children and set rules for them, you will be causing further damage. Stick to doing what works for you and your children. None else can know them better than you do.
  • If you are dealing with siblings in this age group. Do not reprimand the older one excessively, and cajole the younger one. Reprimand both in ways they would understand.
  • If there is consistent denial and the child is throwing tantrums dig deeper and get into the root cause of the matter.
  • Do not set high standards of discipline, work slowly but steadily towards disciplining your child.
  • Remember that your children learn from you, work on being a good parent. What they observe and imbibe from you is much more that what is actually taught to them.
  • Let go, there is no harm in it. After all they are little ones and your own, dealing with an iron hand can leave a lot of little childhood memories to bad taste.

There can be a long list to tips on disciplining your child; you can never stick to one nor dictate from it to kids in this age group. Work on your patience and tolerance, laugh with them whenever needed but ensure that you have a soft but firm on them.