Tips to discipline your children- 3 to 7 years can be tricky

Children can be a handful; they can be as bothersome as they can be delightful. They try your patience, constantly push you over the line and leave you frustrated and defeated. You want to desperately tell yourself it’s a phase and it is going to be over sooner or later. Are you geared up to last this one in the meanwhile?
  • Some tips to discipline your children-especially those in the age group of 3-7!
  • Remember never to encourage arguments with your children especially who fall into the older age group of the mentioned age group. Arguing with your child does not lead into anything productive.
  • Be consistent stick to the same rules every time, do not have a rule book depending on your mood on a particular day. Children notice remember and use the same as an excuse.
  • Remember to reward positive behavior; it can goad the child to increase instances of good behavior. Do not overdo the rewarding part.
  •  Avoid any kind of emotional outbursts in front of your children, learn to be firm and not raise hell about it. Young minds form impressions often the ones that stay on for life.
  • Your children should learn to respect elders and follow instructions on demand. This has to be your fundamental rule in the household.
  • from excessive pampering or excessive disciplining, parenting can be exasperating but still evened out. Work at it constantly.
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  • Never compare children and set rules for them, you will be causing further damage. Stick to doing what works for you and your children. None else can know them better than you do.
  • If you are dealing with siblings in this age group. Do not reprimand the older one excessively, and cajole the younger one. Reprimand both in ways they would understand.
  • If there is consistent denial and the child is throwing tantrums dig deeper and get into the root cause of the matter.
  • Do not set high standards of discipline, work slowly but steadily towards disciplining your child.
  • Remember that your children learn from you, work on being a good parent. What they observe and imbibe from you is much more that what is actually taught to them.
  • Let go, there is no harm in it. After all they are little ones and your own, dealing with an iron hand can leave a lot of little childhood memories to bad taste.

There can be a long list to tips on disciplining your child; you can never stick to one nor dictate from it to kids in this age group. Work on your patience and tolerance, laugh with them whenever needed but ensure that you have a soft but firm on them.


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