Tips to Prevent Dandruff | Tips to Remove Dandruff

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ü  Mix one table spoon of Olive oil with 1 table spoon of lime juice and apply well on the scalp and gently massage it with the figure tips for 4 to 5 minutes. Leave it on overnight and wash with shampoo in the next morning.

ü   Mix 1 table spoon of fenugreek seed powder with 1 cup of yogurt and make it paste. Apply and wait for half an hour and wash off, it also strengthens the hair.

ü  Tea tree oil: Massage the scalp with tea tree oil which has an anti fungal property and has been used to treat fungus related problems. You can also use shampoo which contains tea tree oil to get rid of dandruff.

ü  Mix yogurt with a little amount of honey and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the scalp evenly. Wait for half an hour and wash with the shampoo. It is an excellent remedy for dandruff.

ü  Sesame oil: Ayurvedic practitioners believes that massaging the scalp with sesame oil just before bedtime for 5 to 10 minutes will help in increasing blood circulation and help to prevent dandruff.

ü  Wash frequently: Wash your hair more frequently, even every day if required. You can use normal shampoo one day and anti dandruff shampoo for the other day if you are feeling your hair becomes dry. But, don’t go out with wet hair, it increases dandruff problem.

ü  Use anti dandruff shampoo: The first step in removing dandruff from the hair is shampooing the hair. Make sure that you are using PH balanced anti dandruff shampoo. It helps to prevent dandruff, Flaking & Itching scalp. Always rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the shampoo or conditioner completely.

ü  Wash with warm water: Wash your hair with lukewarm water as it relieves from itching scalp and makes you free. Many people say that the lukewarm water helps in reducing the effect of dandruff.

ü  Stay away from stress:  People under stress often have an impaired immune system and stress can be a reason for dandruff. So try to avoid stress to get rid of dandruff. Meditation, deep breathing exercises and regular physical activity helps to reduce stress.

ü  Comb: Use separate comb or brush and clean the comb before each use to keep your scalp neat and fungal free.

ü  Sun exposure: A little sun exposure of 10 to 15 minutes helps to reduce dandruff problem as ultraviolet light of sun has an anti-inflammatory effect on flaking skin conditions. That is the reason dandruff tends to be less in summer.

ü   Food: Drink lot of water and reduce the consumption of junk food, oily food, tea, coffee and alcohol. Add more green vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet.

ü  Stay away from pollution: Dandruff boosts with the Pollution, but it is not difficult to get out of the problem. Cover your hair with a scarf, a hat, helmet whatever you find comfortable when you are going outdoors.


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