Tips to Cure Typhoid Fever | Diet Tips to Typhoid Patients

tips to cure typhiod

         Typhoid is an infectious disease caused by an organism salmonella typhus and it is mainly related to hygiene and sanitary conditions rather than the climate itself. It can easily spread through contaminated food and water.


Honey: Hot water with some honey and little amount of lime is given to the patient frequently because the digestive system is affected. It gives strength to the patient, provides treatment and also improves digestion capability.

Basil leaf and Black Pepper: Take 4 basil leaves, 7 grains of black pepper and 7 shreds of saffron and ground together to make a paste which can be consumed twice or thrice everyday with lukewarm milk.

Cloves: Boil five cloves in 2 liters of water, boil it until the water get reduced to half the quantity, strain it. The patient should be given it every day frequently.

Boiled water: Boiled and properly filtered water given to the patient.

Orange Juice: Juices are better for consumption and it has a cooling effect. It contains antioxidants that boost immune system and help it fight against the disease.

Buttermilk: Add 1-2 tsp of juice freshly made of coriander leaves to 1 cup of buttermilk. Patient can take this liquid 2 to 3 times a day to get relief.

Outside food: Don’t eat outside food which may not be healthy.

Coconut water: It keeps the body cool and at proper temperature, also raises metabolism and boosts immune system. It can also clean digestive track.

Smaller meals: Ensure to drink plenty of fluids and eat more frequent and smaller meals rather than three larger meals a day

Hygiene food: Wash the hands before handling food, maintaining a clean environment when preparing food and also ensure that all serving dishes are clean and free of contaminants. Also keep food in a closed container.

Other Tips:
  • Avoid- tea, coffee, spicy food, alcohol and soft drinks. 
  • Try to avoid eating solid foods during the period of infection as it is difficult to digest, consume foods that can be easily digested preferably lots of green vegetables which has vitamins and minerals. 


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