Tips to Become Slim

How to become thin” is a common question in people’s mind who is suffering from obesity. If you think you are fat and you want to become thin, then here are some important tips:
  1. Eating in hurry will increase the obesity. So do not eat food fast.
  2. Do not search any fast option for weight loss. Dieting helps to reduce weight fast but when you stop it your weight increases again fast.
  3. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  4. Give at least 2-3 hour gap between each meal.
  5. Depending on your lifestyle, you have to decide how much quantity of food you should intake for reducing calories.
  6. Only food controlling is not important for become thin. Doing exercise is also important, many options are available for exercise such as yoga, dancing, walk, gym, cycling, aerobics etc.
  7. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And don’t be hungry or empty stomach for very long hours.
  8. Avoid junk foods and excessive fats like soft drinks, ice cream, butter, chips, bread, pizza etc.
Source By: Carry fitness


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