How to Get Rid of Pimples, Remove Pimples Overnight

Around the world most common question in teenagers mind is How to get rid of pimples?  However, some important tips to rid of pimples.
  • The Best tip to rid of pimple is regular cleaning of the facial skin. And another way is wash your face five times per day and use soap only two times reaming wash with little warm water, try to use a mild, fragrance free soap. Do not use a tough wash cloth
  • Next Tip is avoid the oily and fatty foods, the chocolates and the burgers also, even they tempting.
  • Maintain a diet with rich in fresh fruits and vegetables; try to drink 5ltr of water per day to remove pimples.  
  • Carrots are very good for your skin. Drink carrot juice, it is good antibiotic and high in vitamin A, it will help to remove your died skin cells.
  •  Very important Tip is don’t touch your hand until you have been washed. Because by our daily activities we carry bacteria in hands, so that it will spread pimples and your face will lose the glow.
  •  And keep away your hair to your face; it is also carry some dust when you’re roaming out side. Keep your hair clean.
  •  Try to change your pillow covers every day, because when we are sleeping our face skin will have direct contact with them, and so much of dust will be there. Avoid the clothes which are made by irritative material.
  • Apply cucumber paste on the pimples overnight, it is a great cure made from nutmeg and milk by facial mask.
  • Don’t waste orange peelings, to reduce the pimples orange peels pasties a nice one.   

1.  Lemon Juice and Aspirin mixture:
Add aspirin tablet to some lemon juice in a bowl. On the affected area gently apply this mixture. This mixture will help to healing process.

2. Applying Toothpaste is also good method:
Another best tips is Toothpaste (not gel) used to remove pimples. By applying this on the affected area, then cover it with bandage. Leave that overnight and wash it in the next day morning. Nature of toothpaste reduces pimples and definitely you will get rid of pimples overnight. Stop this treatment if you skin is sensitive and you feel irritation or skin burning.

3. By using Shaving Cream:
Another best way to remove pimples overnight is applying shaving cream. Apply shaving   cream on affected area and leave it overnight. It will help to kill the pimples. But wash it perfectly in the morning with a good mild soap.

4. Ice cubes:
Ice cubes also help to remove your pimples overnight. Wrap up one ice cube in a soft and washed cloth, and massage with that on pimples for 20-30 seconds. Do like this several times a day to better result. It makes helps to reduce the swelling and redness of the pimples.

5. Powder of Bentonite Clay:
Bentonite Clay is natural mineral powder. Bentonite Clay balances the skin oil and absorbs the impurities. Mix Bentonite Clay with cold water until it becomes thick paste. Now mask your face with that paste, wait until it dry and wash your face


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